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  1. J

    Snow: Komatsu SK05 vs TCM 315 Bobcat vs Toyota Jobsun 6 2SDK6

    Hello everyone! JackSpareO here! I'm currently looking for an after-market Skid Steer, and have narrowed down my choices to these 3 readily available units. The reason I'm purchasing one of these machines is to remove a copious amount of snow in the winter. I'll have a few weeks at best to...
  2. R

    Komatsu pc200-8 wont start need help

    Hi there i just finish overhaul my komatsu pc200-8 and showing e15 ca428. I have clean out all the cabel and sockets i also have a newly service injectors all 6 of them, cant figure out where this error comming from. Thanks
  3. R

    Komatsu D-155AX-3

    Looking for someone to help me find where I can get a HMT controller tested. Went through trouble shooting guide and concluded that the HMT controller is bad but will cost $4300 and would like to get it tested before expending this money.
  4. R

    Rippers for Komatsu Dozers

    Hi all, I'm using a D31P-17a to tear out some fencerows on my farm. So far all is going well and the remaining trees are starting to fear me. Now that I'm starting to make piles I've realized I need to think about final cleanup. I think a deep ripper may be the trick to ensure I've gotten all...
  5. C

    Komatsu PC220-6 Hydraulic Problems

    Hello everyone new to the thread, just want help and experts advice on isolating the problem. When i turn on the excavator and move the the machine or dig something it works fine but after working for a few minutes i noticed that digging and moving starts to slow down and finally its cant move...
  6. Deere Foreman

    Komatsu d41p sprocket rubbing ??

    Hey guys, I've been lurking on here a long time and very much appreciate all of the info and knowledge floating around. This is the first instance where I may need a little help from someone more knowledgeable than myself on undercarriages. Thanks in advance for any input. Late last year I...
  7. R

    Komatsu D65e-6 dozer problems

    Hello everybody have a Komatsu D65e-6 serial # 30496 with a cummins nh220 it's an older dozer but it's ran great for us. Unfortunately I'm having a problem with fuel leaking into the motor oil and filling up the block. It doesn' act like an injector is going bad with power loss or excessive...
  8. B

    Komatsu PC45 Blade Issue

    Hi Guys I have an issue with my PC47-7. When the machine is cold the blade will function very slowly with engine at max revs. When it gets hot there is no movement. Have had the cylinder tested and new seals fitted but no difference. When I look at the 2 Spool valve I can see the control...
  9. L

    Komatsu pc50 Engcon EC05 Rototilt

    First of all hello to all. So i have a problem with our Komatsu Pc50 Engcon ec05 s40 head its chewing the hoses to the extra hydraulics and the attachment locking cylinder .The problem is that it was bought secondhand and i think they put new hoses in it the wrong Way . Would someone have a...
  10. Matthew Stetar

    Finally found the one!! Newest Toy!!!

    Alright guys, i'm new to the site but been around heavy equipment my entire life. and been slowly building my very own empire of dirt movers for some time. I've been looking at getting into a D4 or D5 size machine with a winch and an angle blade. i love Caterpillar but can never seem to find one...
  11. Bearded logger

    Need help with Komatsu d65e-6 engine rebuild

    I've got a 78-79 d65 with the nh220 Cummins, I brought it in for a rebuild because a blown head gasket galded a piston. Can this thing be in-framed in the machine? The back row of oil pan bolts looks like an issue. Anyone have any experience with these?
  12. W

    Service manual for Yanmar 4D74-2A Diesel engine PC50UU-2

    I am wanting to see if someone can send me a manual for Diesel engine 4D74-2A. I am wanting to possibly rebuild this engine myself as I am picking up a excavator that needs some motor work done.
  13. O

    Deere Vs Komatsu

    Hello, I'm a little new to this site but would like a little advice, my company are putting together a new pipe crew outside Nashville TN where we have plenty of rock (and not much else) and we usually couple the pipe crew with 2x50,000lb excavators, 40,000lb dozer and wheel loader. Until now we...
  14. J

    Tracks lifetime

    I want to know what your experiences are about the expected lifetime of the undercarriage tracks lifetime. I have a CAT 320DL and got it with ±4000hrs. Now at 8000hrs, have I replaced the chains. How much traveling is too much for an excavator per shift/day/month? I am making money through...
  15. D

    Komatsu SK1020

    Hi, I'm looking into buying my first skid steer and don't really know much about them. I found a 2007 Komatsu SK1020 with just under 1000 hours, and he is asking $11k for it. He claims it has no leaks and runs excellent. It also comes with a quick detach bucket. I have not seen it in person yet...
  16. craydul

    Excavator/ Komatsu PC 200 LC control pattern valve location?

    Does anybody know where the control pattern valve on a komatsu pc 200 LC is located at? I need to change it to Deere controls.
  17. I

    Komatsu PC 290 - 8 HELP !!!

    I have a problem with Komatsu PC - 290 - 8. While working engine keep stoping after load pressure. Just engine swith off ! engine power is all right. Hydraulic pump was repaired a few days ago, pressures are fine. The computer doesn´s show any error !!! Problem is not constant - power is maximum...