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  1. J

    komatsu pc35mr-2 add joystick aux control

    Howdy, anyone have recommendations on adding a joystick control for the aux hydro on a komtasu pc35mr-2? It has a foot control valve in the floor. Thanks, John
  2. T

    Need help with Komatsu Bucket and implement information

    I just bought a 2012 KOMATSU PC308USLC-3. I need to get a rock pick that will fit and I have used my (probably horrible) Google-Fu to try and find a quality one. I do not have delivery on the machine yet... that won't happen for a week or so, so I can't physically measure the pin spacing and...
  3. B

    D37ex-21a Komatsu electrical problems.

    Hi I’ve got a d37ex-21a komatsu dozer. In the shop. It came in with a complaint of one track that wouldn’t pull. But it also has a communication error. Dafrkr. E03. The dozer will start and run. Also the blade with function. But no tram. What so ever. It’s had a complete wiring harness put on...
  4. B

    Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control

    Hi! Does anyone have any experience with the komatsu intelligent machine control 1.0 or 2.0? We already have a pc360lci and d51pxi but I would like to know if anyone knows a few tips or tricks. Cheers
  5. S

    Komatsu pc50 mr2 problem

    nice regards, I have a problem with Komatsu pc 50mr2 my big crane falls and does not work well, my tracks are slow and on the rabbit (a little faster) the board lowers and rises nicely but falls by itself? please help me. the small crane works well, the basket works well, the swivel works well...
  6. E

    New Komatsu Owner

    I got this machine with some land i purchased and was wondering if anyone is familiar with it and the context of the machine. Is it a good model? is it valuable? anything of note for the year make or model etc Thanks! It's a Komatsu 2012 with about 5500 hours on it. It has growzers and a thumb...
  7. K

    Komatsu PC35MR-2 swing and blade wont move when cold

    Hello. I have Komatsu PC35MR-2 2006 year, F00878 serial number.... When its cold ( at first start ) controls for swing and blade not working, sometimes works 3-5 seconds and stopped working, others pilot controls working fine ( for working equipment, travel, boom swing, and attachment line)...
  8. A

    Need Help with Komatsu PC55 **Possible Hydraulic Issue**

    I have a Komatsu PC55-MR3 that I purchased from China and got it shipped here in Calgary, Canada. The machine was dropped at a Komatsu dealership and they filled up the machine with fluids and diesel and performed the following work: Filled hydraulic fluid, engine oil & coolant Change the...
  9. M

    Beat PC200-6 for farm use. Advise? Run away?

    Hello, Been looking at this fourm for a while as a guest, first time posting a thred. Have to thank the experts on here for their knowledge and sharing it with the community. We have been looking for a mini ex for putting a bunch of irrigation and underground electric in with around our...
  10. M

    What is the make of your backhoe

    If you own more than one pick the one you use the most.
  11. Z

    Komatsu Wa250-5L

    Good morning colleagues, who could help me with the workshop manual for a Komatsu WA250-5L loader, it is the one that comes with a servo transmission. Thank you so much
  12. Z

    Cargador wa250-5L

    Compañeros buen día, quien me podría ayudar con el manual de taller de un cargador Komatsu WA250-5L, es el que viene con servo transmisión. Muchas gracias
  13. J

    1996 Komatsu PC60-6 - Left track backwards moves full speed, left track forward very slow

    I'm guessing this is probably the swivel joint needs rebuilding, but before I get super dirty underneath for no reason I figured I should run this by you experts. Both sticks full forward: Left track slightly slower than right track and less power, turns slightly to left Both sticks full...
  14. T

    Komatsu D85E-12 steering issue

    Dozer will not turn unless under load. Originally would only turn right, but after replacing clutches, brake bands, and brake drum, turning in either direction does not work. I’ve checked adjustment of linkages, brake adjuster and hydraulic pressures Pushed it up against dirt to check...
  15. M

    Komatsu D31a-16

    I’ve got a weird issue going on with my d31-16. Haven’t owned machine maybe 7 months, sat for around 10 years before I got it. Engine was bad, rebuilt and reinstalled everything running great. The issue at hand now is that the 6 way blade will tilt way to the left and barely past level to the...
  16. K

    Komatsu crawler year

    Would someone be able to help me figure out what year my Komatsu crawler is, the serial number is 2036 and the model number is CD60-1. PIN: KMTCD005L01002036
  17. A

    Best Practices to Ensure Mechanics Install New Parts and Don't Misuse Them—Need Your Wisdom!

    Hey all, I'm dealing with a unique challenge in running a heavy machinery workshop. We operate in difficult terrains like mountains, and I need to ensure that mechanics are installing new parts instead of pocketing them or installing used ones. Has anyone implemented a fool-proof system or...
  18. A

    Best Aftermarket Parts Suppliers for Cat & Komatsu? Need Your Expertise!

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and running a heavy machinery workshop (Cat and Komatsu) in Malaysia. Struggling to find quality parts without breaking the bank. Any aftermarket parts suppliers you can recommend? I'm familiar with Costex in the U.S., but I need more options. Help me dodge costly...
  19. A

    Komatsu wb93r-5 backhoe overheating

    Got a overheating issue on this machine, shuts off when hot and wouldn't restart till cool down, seems hydraulic is hotter than normal aswell, thermostat was removed to no improvement. What should I look at?
  20. D

    Pc160lc-7eo hydraulic driven magnet

    Hi guys. Thanks for allowing me into the group. I have a pc160 2008 yr with 8200 ish hrs. I had a hydraulic driven magnet for ir but upgraded to a bigger on. The new one runs at 26 gallons per minute. The manufacturer suggests that I run it in breaker mode so I don't have high return line...