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skid steer

  1. las_machine

    Bobcat s530 and rock hound

    i have a 2013 s530 bobcat and have used my aux hydraulics before for brush hogging with no issue. I bought a well used bobcat brand rock rake 6a and it works fine at first, but today was first time i actually used it for more than 10 minutes and after about a half hr or so i noticed it start to...
  2. R

    318D JD runs hot

    I have a John Deere 318D, it continually runs hot, the dealer has replaced sensor says that will fix the problem but the symptoms continue. (I bought this used), 30 days till they can get it in the shop again. Help
  3. J

    CAT, Bobcat, or Kubota Skid Steer?

    My dad lives in Houston and is looking to purchase a skid steer for his property, but I want to make sure he purchases the right equipment/brand. He wants the equipment for general use and keeping the land clean. What would be the best make and model for this type of thing? My other question is...
  4. B

    no start

    I have a 2013 l230 new Holland skidsteer customer drove it over and parked it and I go out to pull it in the shop and it wont start the unlock code is fine he gave that to me I don't know on this one if there is a trick or a problem customer is out and don't have service I have seat belt on it...
  5. shawnseveras

    Bobcat T770 Hydraulic/hydraulistic filter plugged

    hi everyone so i have a client that has had this problem twice now. they bought the machine brand new and got some attachments for it and what not. the first time the model ran into trouble was when using the brush mower at 200+hours. the warning came up and because it was covered under warranty...
  6. shawnseveras

    replacing old hydraulic fan on cat 246 skid steer

    so long story short i am replacing the old hydraulic fan motor and assembly. i will be installing an electric motor in its stead. i will be disconnecting the offload line part number- 148-8385 and putting a plug there. then i am disconnecting the inflow line for the hydraulic fan motor and...
  7. I

    Workshopmanual mustang 445 Owatonna skid steer

    Hey Im looking for a workshopmanual for a Owatonna Mustang 445 skid steer. Can you help me? I'm living in Belgium so maybe in pdf? Thanks! Greetings Ivar Belgium
  8. shawnseveras

    Cat 246 skidsteer-replacing top seal on hydrolic fan motor.

    so i recently found out about this forum via google search. and i found out that the seal atop the cooling fan motor could be replaced. i have a cat 246 and we were having a problem with the fan motor spraying oil all over the place when it reached a certain temperature. once pinpointed i did a...
  9. T

    Cat 299d2 crank no start

    Hello, I have a cat 2016 299d2 that cranks but won’t start. No codes showing. Has 1048 hrs Was running down the road from the neighbors and it slowly shut off in middle of the road. Suspected it to be the fuel filter but it is not the case. I have changed both, primary and fuel water...
  10. F

    Driver alert indicator 252b3

    Hi there, I have a 2013 252b3 skid steer with the driver alert indicator on. It is a level 2. Meaning the indicator light is flashing and there is no audible alarm. The only thing not working is my auxiliary hydraulics. Machine only has 400 hours on it. I've tried using multiple attachments...
  11. A

    Toyota SDK7 Pedal lockout

    I have a Toyota SDK7 skid steer which has been sitting for about a year. Both of the pedals seem to be locked out by a pin or cam which I can feel if I reach under the pedal but I cant get released. From what I have read the pedals could be locked out from a safety sensor which isnt engaged...
  12. D

    Bobcat S70 hydraulics

    I have a 2016 bobcat s70 that showed up to my shop with a blown engine. Pulled the engine and found a hole in the Piston in cylinder 2. I was able to get parts pretty quickly and rebuild the engine. After installing the engine and letting it run and get up to temp, I shut it down and hooked up...
  13. KyS650

    CAT or Bobcat

    I know this will probably start a war but wanted to hear both sides on the best CTL, CAT or Bobcat? What are the pros and cons of both? I own a wheeled skid steer and am in the market for a track machine. Trying to educate myself as much as possible before spending the $$$. Who else better to...
  14. D

    John Deere 260 wont start

    Bought this from a neighbor a year ago. Had to jump it once before a few months ago. A month ago replaced the battery as it tested weak after a charge. It started up, worked with it for about 45 minutes, shut it off in the pasture. Went out to finish the job a day later and it wouldn't start...
  15. P

    Cat 268B drive/steer problem

    I'm working on a 2009 cat 268b with poor drive and steer function. When the machine is started it pulls in reverse against the parking brake. When the brake is released it want to roll all over the place like the joystick is not in neutral. The machine rolls and steers but has a huge delay...
  16. C

    New Holland skidsteer boom not lifting

    I have a 2005 new holland ls180 boom that stopped lifting. Tilt, grapple and wheels work. On the control valve next to foot pedals it has 2 relief valves. The one in the back I pulled and seems fine which I think that is the one for the tilt and grapple. The one in the front I pulled and it has...
  17. vladkaza

    2011 CAT 297c left joystick won’t work?

    Hey guys I’m new to this form! I need some help with my skid steer! So I ran my skid steer yesterday and parked it, came back the next day and started it up, the bucket moves up and down and everything but when I went to go move forward, It wouldn’t move!! Pushed the joystick forward backward...
  18. F

    2008 Gehl 5240 skid

    I am having trouble with my skid. When I turn the key to glow plug position, after the plugs are warm an alarm sounds and I can not start. Just goes tick! Has anyone else had this problem? Battery is good, oil is good. lights on on the dash are battery and oil pressure. I figure those two lights...
  19. T

    John Deere 333G

    I have a 2017 john deere 333g skid steer and had two codes. Ecu 522329.00 which was high Walter in the fuel. So I drained the fuel and replaced the filter and water separator filter. Then I have a error code VCU 158.04 and I cannot find what this code is or where to begin to fix it. Let me...
  20. C

    262C Fuel pump water leak

    G’day I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this issue I have. I’ve got a 2011 262C with a C3.4 engine and machine prefix MST that has some form of water governor on the side of the fuel pump which is leaking badly but not affecting the fuel side of the engine. Can I bypass this...