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skid steer

  1. J

    Ramps for loading skid steer on F800 flatbed

    Howdy, curious if anyone has experience loading a skid steer or mini ex up onto a 4' high flatbed. I have a flatbed dump on the F800 which makes that bed sit pretty high. Occasionally I have a portable sawmill job and need to bring my bobcat t740; it would be awesome to do it in one trip. If I...
  2. D

    Mini ex paired with TLB?

    Hi guys, I recently picked up a John Deere 30g mini ex. I’ve been doing some jobs that require some grading and I find it difficult to get the grade perfect without small subtle bumps. I do own a Kubota BX24. It was my first piece. I don’t currently have the funds to go buy a skid steer for the...
  3. T

    JD318D Electrical Issues

    Hi all- I’m having some issues with a 2011 JD 318D. The EMU backlit display will not shut off and when I turn the key it is not running through its normal cycle and no indicator lights come up. In the past I have fixed this issue by removing the negative battery cable and jigging it on the...
  4. T

    CAT 262D skid steer AC

    Hey, I have a CAT 262D skid steer and the ac compressor is not kicking on. I checked power to the compressor and wasnt getting anything so i checked the relay and still wasnt getting anything. I checked continuity between the relay and the other end of the harness and had continuity. After...
  5. J

    John Deere 332G or 333G

    Hello everyone! I have a high hour unit serial number 1T332GKCJF324119. It’s a John Deere 332G skid steer. Had it parked outside in below freezing temps, plugged in block heater for 4 hours, fired up (slow and cold start) threw a few codes regarding “low voltage” that went away once charged...
  6. D

    John Deere 328E Electrical issues

    This stared with disconnecting the battery while trying to jump start the machine after it died overnight. After we jump started the machine it was running then as I went to take the jumper cables off, I pulled the negative battery terminal and the machine turned off and sparks flew either as...
  7. M

    09 279c electrical issues.

    I was mowing with my skid steer today. It ran great and everything went as planned. After I was done and it sat for a number of hours I needed to move the machine. It started just fine but when I turned on the light switch it died. Now when I turn the key I have no power to anything. The dash...
  8. G

    14' CAT 299D XHP loader arms won't lift. HELP!

    Loader arms stop lifting on my 299d. When I start the machine with the arms down and door shut. The work tool system light stays blinking on my gauge panel after I've started the engine (after I disengage the parking brake). We've tested the arm switch and door switch and its got the seat...
  9. M

    Best machines to get into heavy equipment rental?

    Hi everyone, im a new member and this is my first time posting a question, hope im doing this right... Long story short, i want to start an equipment rental business. I have been around heavy equipment my whole life (I work in my family business, Expoquip, here in East TN - we sell...
  10. P

    ASV PT100 injector pump leak??

    Hi all, doing a bit of road work with dozer blade, engine started to run a bit rough, parked it up, noticed a diesel leak. Seems to be from the engine side of injector. Have posted a few photos, did have a video but can’t upload hopefully someone has an idea why and how to rectify. really...
  11. T

    1980 New Holland L775 Skid steer slow cranking issues

    Hello I have owned this machine for about a year. It is a 1980 New Holland L775 with a 4 cyl duetz deisel engine. I had been having an issue on and off where I was dealing with a slow cranking issue. I have replaced battery cables and terminals. One of the first times this happened was when i...
  12. B

    Tl240 stalled under load, no power to key, no lights, nothin

    Moving dirt with skid, hit tree root, wasn’t at full throttle, stalled and died. Tried to restart no power to key at all. No instrument lights, headlights won’t work, no crank, nothing
  13. T

    Bobcat S70 seat bar sensor

    Is there any way to bypass the seat bar sensor? I have replaced it with a new one but still having issues with it. Light will not go out. I have 8 volts on the supply wire to sensor and, 5 volts on the signal wire to sensor.
  14. I

    bobcat t62 ac issues

    I have a brand new 2022 (300 hours) bobcat t62 skid steer with tracks. I've had the same issue happen 4 or 5 different times regarding the ac and it blowing fuses. i keep getting a (HVAC output short to ground or open circuit B1050-14 code). sometimes ill replace the fuse and it will work for a...
  15. M

    JD 270 Loader lockout

    My work has a JD270 and I had the brakes lock up on me, bypassed that with a switch, the loader worked after the repair, another worker worked on the skid steer and now the loader wont work and we can’t figure it out, the pedals were locked out, I bypassed the pedal lockout but the loader still...
  16. R

    Bleed Hydraulics 257b3 Caterpillar

    Just recently did work on my skid steer and lost a lot of hydraulic fluid. Can someone point me in the right direction to bleeding the lines? I filled reservoir with hydraulic fluid already. Cat 257b3
  17. M

    New (Used) Takeuchi TL8 - Forced Regen needed

    Hey Guys, I just got a used TL8, that needs a manual regen. It’s beeping every second and wants a parked regen, but when I go through the process to initiate it, it won’t start the regen. Previous version owner says it’s been sitting for about a year. It’s got an error code: SPN3701 FMI:16...
  18. D

    Bobcat T-870 Aux Hydraulics for hydraulic jack for service

    has anyone used the hydraulics on the Bobcat itself to jack up their skid steer for service. I am trying to figure out why I keep de-tracking but frequently jacking up the rear end is wearing me out. what kind of jack did you use? how do you hook it up on the front of the machine? Thank you in...
  19. R

    CAT 277B skid steer cranks but won't start

    I have a 2006 CAT 277B (CAT0277BCMDH04755) with about 2,000 hours on it. It's always cranked right up and run strong. A couple weeks ago I had been using it for about 10 minutes (wasn't cold outside, probably 50) when it started bogging down on throttle (felt like the tracks were stuck in the...
  20. B

    Takeuchi tl130 left track won’t turn

    Hello everyone I am new to this group and will appreciate any help/ advice I can get. So I just purchased a 2007 Takeuchi tl130 that is having issues turning to the right and going straight. When cold it turns right but not perfect. I would say it last about 5 mins before it starts to slow...