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  1. W

    Cat 226 skidsteer stuck in rabbit mode

    Just looking for some clarification as I wait for my service manual to be delivered. I have a CAT 226 skidsteer, and I am not expert, so bear with me. 5FZ0 7599. When I bought it I was told it was a 226B, but now I think it is a 226C as the PID is CAT00226C5FZ07599 The rabbit is illuminated...
  2. R

    Caterpillar 257b3 Turning Issue

    Just bought this used 2012 Cat 257b3 with 4500 hours and it seems to have an issue with turning. It will sometimes turn good and then suddenly either not turn or turn very slowly. Runs forward and backwards just fine. Any ideas?
  3. JeffMiniSkid

    Vermeer S650TX, options for drive motor replacement

    Hi group, I am new to this forum so I apologize if this is in the wrong location etc. The hydraulic drive motor for the track is out on one side and the quote for replacement I'm getting from Vermeer just isn't doable (around $4500). I'm curious if anyone has done a similar job and what my...
  4. J

    Terex pt60 dies and wont start once warm

    I have a 2009 Terex pt60 that seems to run fine and starts up fine when it's been cold. but once I ran the machine for a couple hours the hydraulics and electrical start clicking then the machine dies. when I go to start again the gauges generally won't work and the machine just cranks over...
  5. S

    Cat 226b skidsteer, parking brake and seatbelt lights on (not flashing)

    I have a cat 226b skidsteer and after doing some work I turned it off but when I went to fire it up, it wouldn't start, I noticed the seat belt light won't turn off when I put the bar down. Note: the seatbelt light is not flashing it stays illuminated.
  6. Greybrook

    Bradco MM60 forestry mulcher drive belt

    Due to my error, I killed the drive belt on my Bradco MM60 mulcher. The cheapest replacement I could find was $1500!?! It looks exactly like a timing belt 3” 112 tooth belt? Anyone found a place that sells replacement belts for a reasonable price?
  7. S


    So I was stockpiling some wet sand today and all of a sudden my machine won't hold tilt. It looses pressure even when empty. What can be the issue? My machine is a cat 226b.
  8. G

    Cat 249d a/c issues

    The latest issue I have and had since I purchased this machine is the a/c not blowing cold. 2768 hrs heat works. When a/ c switch (in the cab) is engaged the compressor would not engage. Clutch side was free no squeals. Went and bought some 134a refrigerant put a couple shots in and the...
  9. R

    New holland turbo question

    Hey guys. Iv been here for a few years and seem to always be looking through this site for info. I can't seem to figure this one out hopefully someone can help. I have a 04 ls170. I bought the machine as is and it was dumping oil out the exhuast. Of course I assume turbo and sure enough the...
  10. J

    Bobcat T590 2015 Code 7504

    Hey 2015 T590 Track Selectable Joysticks is throwing a code for M7504 Drive no Communication checked fuses, etc.. anybody have any issues or dealt with this before? TIA
  11. C

    Case 1840 Skid Steer not starting

    Good afternoon to all, I have an Case 1840 Skid Steer ID# JAF0221866* that has been giving me issues starting then staying running. The first time it happened the engine revved high, low, high, low, died and would not restart. Before this happened it had been running without any issues or...
  12. D

    Bobcat T740 Swashplate sensor error

    Hello, just bought a bobcat T740 skid loader, it's showing an error code for left and right swashplate sensor, code is D7539 and D7541, what i found online says swashplate sensor out of range high. Any info on this problem would be appreciated, as well as where are the sensors located, and are...
  13. T

    Cat 226 Bucket tilt is switched

    I recently Got a Cat 226 Skidsteer, 2003, someone has been playing around with it, because the bucket tilt is reveres... Is there a simple swap this hose for that? or is it possibly a deeper problem I have a general knowledge of all things mechanical, with a fairly decent set of tools to...
  14. A

    Bobcat S130 Electrical Problem

    Bobcat S130 all functions working perfectly and engine running very good as its supposed to. Display indicates high engine temperature and high fuel amount even though the fuel tank is not full and engine is cold. It’s not the display as I switched it up with another skid steer and it worked...
  15. C

    New Holland 190b, looses power at the tracks after 1 hr.

    I have new Holland 190b. 3k hours. has several issues. 1: it never has had enough power to push up to something and spin the tracks. After about 1 hour of use, it has almost no power. it will not push into a pile of gravel and fill the bucket. running in high gear without anything in the bucket...
  16. BigGuy610

    2013 Volvo MC 110C, A pain in the keaster

    I will start with the basic info on the machine first. I purchased this machine from an online auction. It said in the description that it had been filled up with gas and didn't run anymore. I put the min bid in thinking that if in the unlikely event that I would win it that I could fix it...
  17. W

    Help 2011 case tv380 no start

    I’m new to case so advice will help. The machine has been awesome no issues. This morning I started it an cranked more than usual. Then once started I had to idle high to keep it running. If you try idle it down it will miss an die. Now the machine will not start. There is no codes! I’ve been...
  18. M

    Skidsteer Height Restrictions - 78" max - Looking at Cat 226

    Trying to get a skidsteer that is 78" in height - the Cat 226 is 79.8. I was able to find a set of tires that would help drop the unit 1.8"approx. but I was just wondering what other people have done? Looking for some actual data as the dealer doesn't stock them and we have to do a factory order...
  19. A

    Bobcat t770 hydraulic tank replacement

    Howdy Gents, Clearing some property the other day and had a limb run through the plastic factory guard that covers the access to the hydraulic oil filter in the belly, and it punctured the bottom of the hydraulic tank. Anyone ever changed one out? My and my dad got into it but seems like the...
  20. M

    CAT 216B3 Wont start

    I have a Cat 216b3 , was running fine and blowing some black smoke so we decided to tear it down and do a simple rebuild. New gaskets and seals , new fuel pump , new injector pump new injectors . Re assembled everything and it wont fire up - Turns over and is getting fuel (bled the lines)...