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  1. silverstr8p

    Case 580C fuel starvation

    Starts and runs fine, but then seems to starve. Was running fine after fixing clogged fuel lines and tank, but then started trying to starve the more I run it. I temporarily ran external fuel tank tied 4 feet up ROPS so plenty of gravity flow. Replaced filters multiple times and cleaned all...
  2. J

    580c ring gear hub

    Hi all. I am doing bearings and seals on my 580c transaxle. I have the final drive removed and the cross shaft in the ring gear hub / wheel is loose in the hub. My book this should be a press fit. On some other forums I have read the spider shafts is all that holds it in the hub. Can someone...
  3. silverstr8p

    580C fuel injector pump stuck at half throttle

    This hoe had been sitting a super long time. I cleaned the rust out of the tanks and bled the lines and it ran great, but was stuck about half throttle. The accelerator pedal doesn't seem to change it. It kept doing this so I pulled the fuel shutoff to kill the motor, but now I can't get it...
  4. silverstr8p

    580C no voltage to starter when button pressed

    I'm trying to resurrect a Case 580C which hasn't run in a long time. Got it running, but now starter switch doesn't make starter turn over. It doesn't try to engage the starter solenoid, it's like there's something that's not letting it get the signal to the starter. I pulled off the shuttle...
  5. outlawspeeder

    Looking for smooth blade for 580C backhoe

    O need to do some smoothing and prices are nut. I look for a bucket I could modify...$$$$ So if I get two old teeth and weld a flat blade to it... Anyone try this as a cheap option. I have to cut in a drain hose but can only pull up at 90degee. Its next to the house.
  6. F

    Pto wood chipper on a case 580c

    Hey folks, I have a Case 580C with the 3 point and hydraulic pto, I need to know if hooking up a 3 pt wood chipper directly is ok or will it break a shear pin or pto with the hydraulic pto?? I don't have much space to put a slipper clutch in if needed, I'm checking if anyone runs a chipper...
  7. outlawspeeder

    Shuttle linkage Case 580C

    A while back I rebuilt my shuttle transmission and I think I have the linkage wrong somehow. Now somehow it wouldn't go into reverse. I played with it and if I rotated the solenoid the rest of the way it would lock over center in reverse. I shorten one rod and lengthen the other. Looking...
  8. Bobcat Crazy

    Case 580C backhoe, hole in the block

    Hi All, I was wondering if you could tell me what engine the 580C runs? And a little guidance on what it may be worth? It looks pretty good, has not been abused, brand new tires on the back. Thanks! B-Crazy
  9. outlawspeeder

    Tapping into the Hyd of a Case 580C

    I want to add a thumb to my backhoe. Welding the thumb on is pretty easy for me. The problem I have is getting into the hyds. I looking for where I should tap into the hyds. What type of valve will I need. Where can I get one without having to break the bank. (this has to pass the wife...
  10. outlawspeeder

    Case 580C 3rd and 4th gear

    I rebuilt the Shuttle Transmission and was expecting better out of 3rd and 4th gear. In 1st or 2nd it will climb a steep hill with a load but in 3rd or 4th it will it will barely get rolling... Is that normal for 3rd and 4th? I have to drive this about 7 miles (road mostly) and really don't...
  11. outlawspeeder

    Case 580C oil pan dented.

    So I am getting ready to pull the oil pan so I can pound the dents out of the oil pan. Can the pan be pulled in frame? Any thing I should look at while I have it open? Thoughts on sourcing pan gasket and oil filter. (I don't have a Case shop local) How many quarts should go in the engine? I...
  12. W

    580C Left Rear Wheel Locking Up (don't think its brake issue)

    I am new to this forum but have read quite a bit on it and it's helped me a lot in the last few months. I have a 580C that I bought about 8 months ago and got a smoking deal (at least in my mind). Since then I removed and cleaned up the brakes, replaced seals, master and slave cylinders. I also...
  13. outlawspeeder

    580C Shuttle slipping? Fwd only

    My 580C is slipping in fwd gears. Reverse is good. Three days ago I pulled a 18 wheeler out of a ditch. Today I plowed the development I live in and its on a hill. Plowed uphill fine for three hours. The floor switch worked fine to disengage the clutch. At the end I was just clean up the...
  14. outlawspeeder

    Adding Quick Disconnects to a 580C

    I looking at building a concrete mixer to drop into my bucket. My 580C has a standard loader. My question is there a kit that has everything I need? Is there any good way of doing this? Is there a way of saving money building this? What is the best place to tab off the hyds to do this...
  15. outlawspeeder

    Case 580C Seat spring

    Looking for thoughts on how to fix the vertical adjustment for my seat. It seems that someone found the surprising 4-5 spring in the seat post of my 580C backhoe. Wish I had the video of that moment. It must have been a fun day. So now to my problem. Is it worth the 70-80 dollars to get a...
  16. outlawspeeder

    580C Shuttle question

    I just got done wiring some of the 580C. Before this nothing powered was working. i.e. to start it was a jumper switch on the starter. I reinstalled a floor switch, wired in the switch on the dash,... Without it running I can step on the brake (switch on dash closed) or the switch on the...
  17. W

    Case 480c Need help fixing diff lock

    So I've got a 80ish 480c and ever since I've had it the diff lock hasn't been hooked up, don't know why or anything. I'm tired of getting stuck constantly so its time to fix it. the linkage from the floor is totally unhooked but the lever that comes out of the transaxle looks like its been put...
  18. outlawspeeder

    580C Shuttle Clutch switch on floor

    I looking for a picture or what the shuttle switch is suppose to be for the foot disengaging clutch. Mine was missing when I bought it and I trying to get it back together. To be clear the switch on the floor that you step on to allow it to free roll (neutral). Thanks
  19. outlawspeeder

    580C Shuttle shift question

    So I think I might have a problem. This 580C has been sitting for over 10 years and I am getting it back to a usable state. Digging is strong. Bucket is strong. Brakes are good. Diff lock is good. It is like it is not strong enough to move itself. I know I am still getting use to how big...
  20. D

    Case 580 C water in the oil 207 D

    I just bought A case 580 C that got hot and now the water is leaking into the oil. (a lot of water) is it common for the 207 D engines to crack between the cylinders? or the heads to crack when they got hot. I haven't tore it down yet I was just wondering if I would like to know what to look...