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case 580c

  1. D

    Case 580C Won’t Start Help

    Hello, Having a regular issue where I get a click of the starter and then no start on the Case 580C. Brand new battery with good voltage. After the single click I get no click of the starter when I try to turn the key, I have to disconnect the positive terminal then usually reconnect it and the...
  2. M

    Case 580C Backhoe Control Valve reseal....

    I have a 1979 Case 580c backhoe that is leaking oil at the top end of the backhoe control valves. (just weeping). Otherwise the hoe works fine - sometimes although the left swing cylinder is 'weak' and requires slight operation of one of the other controls to get power to it. Choices are to...
  3. D

    Lost Forward on Case 580C!

    Hey Guys, Lost forward on my Case 580C from stopped! (reverse works great) Did all the maintenance on my new to me Case 580C. (gear oil, engine oil, fuel, power shuttle, all filters,) When I changed the power shuttle fluid I noted some contamination with a 1/2 pint of grey hydraulic oil, some...
  4. D

    Help Needed: Case 580C Won’t Crank

    Hello Friends, Was out running the Case 580C yesterday and after taking a break I got one click of the starter then no crank thereafter. Had good battery voltage and fuel. Noted the power wire circled in the attached picture to the starter has a break in the casing. After playing with the...
  5. C

    Case 580c wont go fwd

    Hey y'all my case 580c slowly stopped going into fwd gear . if I'm going downhill its fine, but flat land and up is a no go. Read so many posts I'm more confused than when i started. I have drained it pump was clean reassembled and filled with prem tractor fluid. no better. Reverse is still...
  6. D

    Help Needed Power Shuttle Leak Case 580C

    Hello Friends, Any idea what this is that’s leaking hydraulic fluid on the side of the power shuttle trans for Case 580C backhoe? Think it would need a new gasket or part replaced? Thank you!
  7. D

    Help Needed: Case 580C Backhoe Loader Missing Pin?

    Hello Friends, New to me Case 580C backhoe loader has a hole in the backhoe loader arm. (picture attached) Could someone help me identify the part or possibly part number that goes here? Looks like it would be a pin/bushing but not sure so any thoughts to help get the part would be appreciated...
  8. D

    Help Needed Hydraulic Leak Case 580c Backhoe

    Hello Friends, Excited to purchase a new to me Case 580C. The attached hydraulic line is leaking. (image attached) Can't tell if this is some sort, valvle, sensor, or what the part is there but it's located next to the hydraulic filter and steadily drips hydraulic fluid. Hoping to repair it or...
  9. D

    Help Needed Purchasing Case 580C

    Hello Friends, Does this Case 580C engine sound normal? (video link below) Can't tell if the engine "ticking" sound is normal since I haven't been around these Case 207 engines and feel like I'm hearing a bit of a tick. This is a backhoe I'm considering purchasing from out of town and don't...
  10. M

    Hack job - or semi-valid fix?

    I have a Case 580c 1979 backhoe, that I'm doing a complete brake system rebuild - all new parts & its going ok. But I ran into an old fix that I wouldn't mind some comments on. The R.H. Side gear bearing carrier plate (probably left as well -will see tomorrow when I pull it) had a bead of...
  11. M

    Case 580c Circuit Breaker electrical question

    Can anyone please answer this question. I have a Case 580C backhoe, and am repairing the switches on the instrument panel. What are the little block 'circuit breakers' mounted to the plate under the dash console and how do they work? Are they fuses or circuit breakers? If fuses, replacement...
  12. P

    Can a stuck injector check valve cause fuel to run into the engine oil?

    Can a stuck check valve cause fuel to leak into the engine oil or do I have two separate issues?
  13. outlawspeeder

    Used 16" bucket for Case 580C

    I pick up a 16" no teeth bucket for my 580. It looks like it has had a couple of cutting edges welded on over the years. The rest of the bucket is in good shape. My plan is to cut of the three layers of cutting blades. Right now the leading edge of the cutting edge is 2 inches. I haven got...
  14. R

    1979 Case 580C Backhoe Left Drive Tire Won't Turn

    Greetings, I am new to this website and am a potential owner of a 1979 Case 580C backhoe. I am considering purchasing the backhoe and was told by the owner I needed to get it running for him before he would consider selling it to me. Sounds like he's trying to protect my from buying something...
  15. P

    Case 580c tachometer troubleshooting

    My tachometer working fine prior to removing the console and instrument cluster to access the brake master cylinders for replacement. After repair and reassembly, the tachometer no longer works. The rpm needle in the tach gauge is not responsive and is pegged out on the highest rpm side...
  16. P

    Case 580c throttle lever not staying set

    I have a Case 580c backhoe. I replaced the brake master cylinders, which required the removal of the dash console that required removal of the shuttle and throttle levers/assmbly. After reassembling the console and shuttle/throttle levers and beginning to test my brakes, I noticed that the...
  17. J

    Case 580C Troubleshooting

    I have a case 580c. When I go to start the unit, it draws down on a freshly charged battery to 10 amps or slightly less. It's my understanding that this unit needs 12 amps to properly turn over. A few days ago I was using it and installed as I was going to pick something up with it. I restarted...
  18. Bajtec

    CASE 580CK ? C ? B ? identification help :)

    Hi folks, I'm trying to fix up my backhoe loader, but for various reasons i have problem identifying what exactly model of Case i have. more background here : https://www.heavyequipmentforums.com/threads/confused-owner-of-unknown-case-hybrid-backhoe-loader.84856 and few photos for reference :
  19. D

    580c starter circuit short

    I have a 580c with the Nippondenso type starter. It has started tripping the 40 amp breaker when I try to start it. Have had the starter and battery checked. All of the wiring in the starter circuit seems to be ok. What am I missing?
  20. GreenBastard

    Help Identifying a Part on a Case 580CK

    Hey, I bought a 1978 Case 580CK in a fire, and need help identifying a part on my Loader control Valve. Does anyone know what the two parts with arrows pointing to them are? From what I understand, is the wires go to a solenoid, which solenoid? Mine melted in the fire and need to know if i can...